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May 04, 2019
In Santa Schools and Training
Hey Santa Community, Wanted to start brainstorming some potential sponsors/donors for ISC 2020. If you can think of companies that may be willing to donate goods or services or become a sponsor for this event let us know so that we can start reaching out and developing those leads. For instance companies like Chic-fil-A (Fish 104.7 Christmas Wish sponsor as are we), Coca-Cola famous for Santa Claus ads), Home Depot and Mercedes Benz (great sleigh commercial this past year) are all local Atlanta companies with some existing ties to the Santa Community. Other ideas for smaller companies are roofing companies (who knows roofs better than Santa and the reindeer), paint companies (can't you see Santa trying to pick the exact color of red for the new sleigh at Sherwin-Williams). I'm sure there are many others, we just need your help and your talents to think outside the box (which is just another present). Share your ideas and lets have some fun with this. Santa Willie Don't Stop Believing!


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