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2020 was a unique year and I went with JingleRing for virtual visits. They had me also as a Claus Coach helping other Claus talent get ready technically. Because of Covid, I was going to sit out the 2020 season. I had a lot of fun with JingleRing, and the families I visited. Being virtual, I had visits with a family from Australia, Germany, many from Canada and from all over the US. What amazed me was how universal the English language. Different accents for sure, but without a lack of communications. Many plusses for working virtual, the biggest - I did NOT get sick.

I'm a story teller Santa and that worked very well in the virtual space.

2019 was my 3rd year as Santa with Cherry Hill at the Auburn Mall in Auburn, AL.

Member of IBRBS, GA Metro Santas and Peachtree Santas. Had my first home party in 2019 - 18 children under 5, and 45 adults. Loved the event. Now three years at the Mall in Auburn with so many familiar children and parents. They remember me from years ago. I'm the center of local Mom's Facebook posts. The Exceptional Foundation (Special Needs) brings adults in to the Mall to see me. It's amazing the LOVE in this community.


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